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How to capture great moment using Camera Phone

How to capture great moment using Camera Phone. Sometime it's just happen and we didn't prepare anything to record the special moment, but i suggest we never leave the phone behind so we can always used this camera phone to capture any special moment without having to worry about the quality, you can follow this simple step to make it sure

Photographing long distance using a camera phone is quite difficult, it is because the diaphragm is limited cell phone camera and wide angle of view can not. So we must be very clever to find a gap with the best example even closer to the object image. Here are some tips and tricks for your mobile phone over the picture perfect:

1. Overseeing rocking Cameras

Often we shook hands when taking a picture, so it must be conditioned for the hands to remain calm, sturdy considering we did not use a tripod. Or it could be done also by using both hands when taking a picture / photograph.

2. Background Note Front and Rear Photos

When taking a picture / photograph, the placement of objects photos should pay attention to the foreground and background, what color and silhouette. If you want to focus on humans or the facial object then press the capture key half, pull the camera back a bit and press the capture button fully.

3. Avoid Photographing the Sun Direction

Taking pictures outdoors in daylight quite difficult for us because of the strong sunlight. Therefore position the object in the direction of arrival of the sun, because if the contrary result image will be dark, while the camera position precisely in the opposite direction of the sunlight back, so the image will appear brighter.

4. Autofocus and Night-Mode in the Night

For taking pictures / photographing at night to use Autofocus and Night-Mode for shooting more satisfactory results. We anticipate that the results should be clever not to a dark photo. Actually there is a corner or specific areas that can provide color and other compositions on the results of a photo. The object is not necessarily in the middle, but there are other areas that cross or a particular point depends on making an object that can give artistic expression in a photograph.

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