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How to Gain Root Privilege of AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II via Odin

How to Gain Root Privilege of AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II via Odin. Sometime we have some limitation in our life, this is happen too for Samsung Galaxy S II especially for the AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II users who have waited a method to gain the root privileges of their device, here is the good news for you guys. As the device’s kernel source was made available, the developers started to try to find the method to enhance AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2. Their attempt finally results to their triumph for making the custom stock kernel with root available for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2. Apart from that, there are also other popular ROM ports available for flashing on this device. There is a stock and pre-rooted kernel packaged in stock system image released by XDA Member and Android Developer, Entropy512. Just like the other method, a lot of advantages will be offered to the device users and this kernel offers not only root access of your phone, but also unbrick your device if you previously flashed a bad PIT file. Read on this article to learn how to root your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II with this kernel.

There are three requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to root your Samsung Galaxy S II successfully. Here are the requirements:

Instructions to Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II trough ODIN:
1. First of all, you need to download KIES and install it on your computer. This will install the required Galaxy-s-II drivers on your PC for ODIN to work without issues.
2. When the KIES has been downloaded and installed on your PC, then you need to download ODIN from link provided in Requirements section.
3. After that, unzip ODIN zip folder, you are required to make a new folder named ODIN on your desktop and copy the extracted files to this folder.
4. For the next step, download the System Image zip file from here, extract PDA.tar and copy it to ODIN folder on your desktop.
5. Once done, please launch the application by tapping on Odin3 V1.85.
6. Power off your phone completely and reboot it whole holding volume down button simultaneously with home and power buttons.
7. When you are arrived in the download mode, connect your phone to the computer via USB cable that came with your phone.
8. Once you have connected the phone to the computer, you should now see COM 20 port highlighted with yellow in ODIN application windows. Only leave Auto Reboot checked and uncheck all other options.
9. The next step is clicking on PDA tab and selects the PDA.tar file you downloaded and copied to ODIN folder earlier.
10. Click on Start when you have selected the file.
11. Please wait patiently while ODIN flashes this kernel on your phone.
12. Your phone will reboot automatically once the procedure is complete.
13. Reboot your phone in 3e Recovery and do Wipe / Data factory reset if you are facing a bootloop after flashing the .tar file

Note: We do not responsible for any damages when you try this tricks, please read carefully before you do this on your gadgets.

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