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How to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S 4G - An easy guide

How to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S 4G - An easy guide. A method to unbrick your phone has been discovered by Rootz Wiki Forums member, 1madfitter. This guide is based on true story, so keep reading.

1madfitter’s which is one of the owner Samsung Galaxy S 4G gets bricked permanently, the situations where the device faces a total blackout of screen and did not show any signs of “life”. Read on this article as well as read and follow the instructions thoroughly if you wanted to get your phone back to normal condition.

Before starting to practice the method on your bricked Galaxy S 4G, we need to remind you that the result may differ from device to device. Apart from that, we are not responsible if the method was not working on your phone or even worse than that. So, please practice this method at your own risk.

Here is the list of instructions to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S 4G:

1. For the first step, you need to download ODIN from here, unzip the archive and save the files on your desktop.
2. After this, you have to download original rooted KD1 modem for Samsung Galaxy S 4G and save it on your desktop for ease of access.
3. For the third step, you need to pull the device’s battery out, so remove the back cover of your phone followed by pulling the battery out.
4. Once the battery has been pulled out, take out the Sim Card as well as SD Card.
5. When you have done with removing battery, SIM card and SD card, hold the Volume Up key on your phone and while you holding it, re-insert your phone’s battery.
6. Once you have inserted the battery back, keep holding the volume up key and connect your phone to the computer via USB cable that came with the phone.
7. At this point, your phone should go into Download Mode. If this isn’t the case, repeat the above steps until you manage to get your device in Download Mode.
8. For the next step, launch ODIN on your PC once your phone is in Download Mode. ODIN will indicate a yellow com port confirming the presence of your phone.
9. Please uncheck all other options other than Auto Reboot.
10. After this, click on PDA tab and select KD1 Modem available on your desktop.
11. Once done, press on start and sit back while ODIN flashes the KD1 stock rooted radio on your phone.
12. The device is going to auto-reboot when the flashing or installation of KD1 on your Samsung Galaxy S 4G is complete.

Once you have done with the instructions above and everything goes as planned, now you have a completely ubricked Samsung Galaxy S 4G complete with root and a stock modem. Simply visit the official Rootz Wiki Forums thread for further information involving the bricked Samsung Galaxy S 4G or in case this method is not working well on your phone. Have a nice try.

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